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Mitzuv's services are geared to assist companies in looking at the bigger picture and identifying new directions and strategies they should be pursuing. While we will never understand a company's business as well as it does, by taking a fresh look, and by being external to the organization, we are able to raise issues and provide new and unique solutions.


Since it was founded in 1970, Mitzuv’s clients have included Israel's most prominent private and public companies, ministries, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, while at the same time we have worked with small startups at their earliest stages.



Mitzuv is a boutique management consulting firm providing solutions that result in superior business performance. We are focused on solutions to specific problems that will provide immediate quantifiable results.


Mitzuv was founded by Prof. Perry, who is considered one of Israel’s leading figures in the field of Strategic Marketing. He received his Ph.D. in Business from Columbia University, New York. He received his MBA and LLM (Masters in Law) from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prof. Perry had two parallel careers: Business consulting and academic teaching and research.

Today the company is led by Mr. Guy Perry. Mr. Perry has acquired vast experience in the fields of consultancy, management, marketing and strategy having spent more than ten years in the United States, where he was ex-posed to advanced management and strategic planning methods, while working at leading firms. Mr. Perry holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, and an MBA from Columbia University, New York.


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